Monday, December 28, 2015


FREE assistance in:
Entering the United States:

  • Additional Information
  • Assistance in filling out Forms
  • Family reunification
  • Victims of Persecution and Domestic Violence
  • Citizenship, Permanent Residency
  • Extending Your Stay
  • Change of Status
  • Ineligibilities & Waivers
  • Denials

Monday, December 21, 2015

Immigrants in Maryland

Immigrants, Latinos, and Asians account for growing shares of the economy and electorate in Maryland. Immigrants (the foreign-born) make up roughly 1 in 7 Marylanders, and nearly half of them are naturalized U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote. “New Americans”—immigrants and the children of immigrants—account for about 1 in 8 registered voters in the state. Immigrants are not only integral to the state’s economy as workers, but also account for billions of dollars in tax revenue and consumer purchasing power. Moreover, Latinos and Asians (both foreign-born and native-born) wield $34.2 billion in consumer purchasing power, and the businesses they own had sales and receipts of $15.6 billion and employed more than 96,000 people at last count. As high-skilled workers, immigrants accounted for more than one-quarter of all scientists in the state, and more than one-fifth of all health care practitioners. Immigrant, Latino, and Asian workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs are integral to Maryland’s economy and tax base—and they are an electoral force with which every politician must reckon.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Taller Gratis

                                          CENTRO LABORAL DE GRATON

                                                       TALLER GRATIS

12/18/2015: Taller gratis y importantisimo sobre Leyes de Accidente
de Trabajo con el Abogado Gomez y sobre Leyes de Inmigracion con
la Abogada Liliana. Pasen la voz. Tienen que llamar para una entrada
gratis. El cupo es limitado.

Centro Laboral De Graton
Address: 2981 Bowen St, Graton, CA 95444
Phone:(707) 829-1864
8:30 am (en punto)
Opriman el link abajo para acceder a los demas y excelentes
Servicios del Centro Laboral.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Taller Informativo

Amigos, Colegas y Miembros de nuestra organización.
Como muchos de ustedes ya estaban informados por medio de
nuestra página web y el calendario de eventos,
dele click aqui, de este taller
informativo de igual manera les anexo este boletín. Los esperamos. !!!

Sanders View


WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders pledged during a live telecast Monday to end the
detention of LGBTQ undocumented immigrants as part of his immigration policy,
if he's elected president.

The Vermont independent, running for the Democratic presidential nomination,
made the pledge in response to a question from a transgender woman who was among
undocumented immigrants gathered at his Washington campaign office to discuss
his "Families First" immigration plan.......voice your opinion